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I am a qualified teacher and head teacher, and I am also a qualified NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner. I am currently studying with The Coaching Academy for a Coaching Diploma in Personal Performance and in Education.




I work with schools to empower their vulnerable young people by developing their self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-insight. This is done through a project I created with Akeila Browne called The IDENTITY Project. It is an Early Intervention programme focused on significantly improving young people’s social and emotional skills, resulting in substantial changes in the short, medium and long-term.


The project is comprised of planned activities that support the PSHE curriculum and ties in with the promotion of British Values through the provision of SMSC Education.


Throughout the project, I work closely with parents and staff, and both are given the opportunity to enrol on accredited training courses.  


The parents’ course, titled, Having Challenging Conversations, is specifically designed to improve: confidence, relationships, self-awareness, knowledge regarding their child’s education and the ability to have effective, challenging conversations.


A basic coaching course specifically designed for behaviour and learning support staff provides them with the tools to develop and implement strategies to reach their own goals.